The Dealer’s Dealership Supply Store


There are lots of places to shop, from mom-and-pop stores to corporate giants. And when you’re running an auto dealership, there are (almost) as many dealer supplies that you need to stay stocked on. Addendum stickers, license plate bags, seat covers, etc…. the list goes on and on. But how do you guarantee the friendly service and easy business transactions you associate with your local store plus the inventory and competitive prices of a nationwide chain?

Simple: With The Donkey!

Sure, he may look like an ass. But he’s great at his job – bringing you a range of high-quality dealer supplies with a satisfaction guarantee! With plenty of dealership supplies on sale every day, an A+ business rating, and easy shipping, there’s no reason to shop with anyone else. Cheap Dealer Supplies just keeps growing, and that’s because dealers know the value of smart shopping. Not only are tons of our favorite dealer supplies on sale like our Genuine Versa-Tag Key Tags, Auto Scents Car Air Freshener Pads, and our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tag Bags, but we also offer FREE shipping with no minimums (and no questions asked).

Our inventory has just about all of the auto dealership supplies you need to successfully run your business. Floor mats and dispensers? Check. Streamers for your lot? Check. Giant car bows? You better believe it.

No matter what you sell on your lot, Cheap Dealer Supplies has all of the dealership supplies you need to keep everything running smoothly. Check out all of the benefits of shopping with The Donkey today!



Written by Lady Donkey