Promising Year for 86th Annual Geneva Auto Show

Geneva International Motor Show Banner

Although it’s not the first car show for auto dealers and fanatics, it is one of the most elite – the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. This year, from March 3-13, over 120 different premiers will hit the public eye in the Swiss city. The show, which is expected to receive upwards of 700,000 visitors, will offer an insight look into the present (and future) of the automotive industry, covered by almost two weeks and 70+ conferences featuring professionals of the industry. Unfortunately, a trip to Switzerland is a little out of our price range… but we’ll still make our own showroom look press-ready with auto dealership supplies (from car bows to seat covers) from Cheap Ass Dealer Supplies!

For photo, information, and the schedule, visit Salon Auto.

Written by Lady Donkey