Organizing Car Keys Need Not Be Difficult

donkey key tags

Or boring. Sorting car keys for your dealership may not be something you eagerly look forward to. In fact, it’s not surprising if it’s one of your most hated tasks. Nonetheless, you can’t really escape not doing it because it’s a crucial part of your business. But you don’t need to suffer. If you haven’t used dealership key tags yet from The Donkey, then better start doing so. These car dealer key tags make it such a walk in the park to manage car keys. You can color code and label them according to model, brand, year, condition, etc. And since they’re self-laminating, you don’t need to worry about moisture, scratch and dirt harming your key tags. They come with Chrome-plated rings so they’re certainly tough and long-lasting. Order a box or more today for your dealership!

Written by Lady Donkey