The Donkey-Approved Key to Auto Sales? The Best Dealership Key Tags


It’s pretty difficult to show cars, offer test drives, and make a sale if you can’t keep track of the most important tool you use – the key! Every auto dealer knows that one of the top auto dealer supplies you need to have stocked is the car dealer key tags, and you can’t trust just any old brand to make sure your labels are primed, legible, and tough against the elements time and time again. And does anything beat American-made dealership key tags with free shipping (no matter what)? The Donkey thinks not!

Donkey Key Tags are a Cheap Ass Dealer Supplies exclusive and compare to Versa-Tag Key Tags. Not only are they self-protecting, and laminated & sealed to protect from dirt, moisture, and loss of color, but these dealership key tags are also held to your keys with a tough chrome-plated ring! You can keep your dealership organized, efficient, and running smoothly, with 250-count sets of these high-quality sealed car dealer key tags running for less than $20!

No matter what kind of climate you live in, your dealership can count on high-quality dealership key tags to keep your business in order with our exclusive Donkey Key Tags. You can’t get them anywhere else – and we’re proud of that!

Written by Lady Donkey